consumerism, stuff and twenty pairs of tights.


This is how I feel. All the time.

The same with music, and knowledge, and experiences. Not enough time to fulfill the needs of my creativity-hungry mind that wants to be filled with colors and thoughts and textures and ideas and stuff. I am incredibly materialistic in a certain way, and it kind of bothers me that it doesn’t bother me. I am, right now as I write this, on the Harry Potter Alliance staff call listening to Andrew talk about consumerism and the No New Stuff in ’09 campaign for the HPA and feeling guilty. I love going to Borders and stocking up on new books, with their stale book smell. I love buying hot cocoa with extra whipped-cream, and new jewelry and scarves, and new clothes every so often. I love buying random crap like colorful pens and journals and candles and just…stuff. I feel like there is no real sin behind appreciating stuff. But that is just me. I like stuff.

On another (related) note, I got cool green rubber rain boots. I like them. They accidentally match my green pea coat. Oh, well. I also bought about six new pairs of tights and now own way too many pairs of tights. Three brown, four black, navy blue, blue, periwinkle, olive green, three pink, two white, one maroon, one cream and two grey. Holy crap, that is twenty. I don’t even own that many sweaters. And that’s not even counting my knee socks…


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