Well the way you pull the fuzzies from my sweater
doesn’t make up for the times you let me sink into the floor
and the lies you told to make me feel all better
they didn’t work so please don’t tell me anymore.

I’m waking up to see the sun
it’s a light that lets me know a new days begun
and I can leave behind, the terrors of my unconscious mind, into the sunshine

tell me this, why do you run away?
Just when I decided to say something true for once
you should try it, just say what you mean
cause I can’t read the lines let alone in between.
– “Into the Sunshine” by Julia Nunes (my current earworm)

If you are reading this, would you kindly say “AYE” in a comments so I know if I am really as lonely around here as I think I am? Gracias.


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