midnight, WARNING, this is a whiny, girly update.

It’s midnight and I am watching Bones and putting heat on my sore pulled muscle from that stupid dance step and drinking tea and not wanting to wake up in the morning and hoping that I can go shopping on Monday, because I haven’t gone shopping in too long and right now I am stressed but that’s nothing a little retail therapy can’t fix. I am hoping to buy some skinny jeans that fit, a solid colored skirt, a black dress and probably some earrings. I will definitely be purchasing a double chocolate chip frap with extra whip from Starbucks because they’re delicious and I usually don’t get Starbucks unless I’m at the mall. Although I am a bit scared to shop because I think I may have gained some weight since the last time I went shopping and may find the sizes a nightmare. We shall see.

And for an update that actually makes you believe I own a functioning brain; I wish I could just do schoolwork all the time instead of dance and newspaper (ugh) and extra-curriculars because honestly I just love to learn stuff. Just teach me about philosophers and authors and how the world works and who did what in which year and the wizard of oz allegory and how to talk about books in espanol and I will be a happy potato.

Maybe I just called myself a potato because I’m feeling Irish. Or maybe I just didn’t want to say bean.


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