and I haven’t even taken any cold medicine yet

I am sick. I’ve never been an asthma sufferer, but I imagine this is what it would feel like. I can’t breathe, breathing and coughing hurt. My breathe is shallow and my head is pounding and I am feverish and my chest cavity feels like its getting smaller and smaller and smaller. Apparently, this is bronchitis. I say apparently because I’ve only been diagnosed by WebMD and my poppy.

I did go shopping on Sunday, and I did get my double chocolate chip frap with extra whip. I actually did fit into my normal sizes, and I found a solid colored dress that is ten times cuter than the one I originally imagined finding. It’s dark denim and a-line with pockets and a tie around the waist and I like it lots. I also got a “kitschy” butterfly shirt, a pair of jean shorts and a tunic dress thing, because I love those.

I’ve been trying to read multiple books without any success. The thing is, once I get in the groove of reading I can plow through them. But when school starts intervening, I get out of my flow, and I have to start fresh. I need a certain type of book to begin the flow, and none of the three I am reading are that type of book. I’m going to scour the school library for precisely that book, if I go to school tomorrow.

Wow, these blog posts are getting more and more boring.

The snow is driving me crazy and making me wish I lived somewhere like California or even somewhere mildly less arctic.

I like butterflies. Kind of lame and cliche, but I do.

Please forgive this ramble, I am sick and therefore delusional. Clearly, Harry/Hermione shippers were all sick.

Ever realize how facebook groups feed our innate need to belong, to say, “Me too!” Oh, sociology. You kill me.

Seriously, I need to stop. Off to watch more Bones. Oh, Scrubs is on tonight! Yaaaayyyy…


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