thirteen reasons why…

…is a very good book in which the thirteen reasons are listed by a young girl to a bunch of boys she knew about why she killed herself. But this is not a suicide note. (I have more class than to write a suicide note on my blog, come on guys.) This is merely thirteen reasons why the universe is conspiring against me recently.

  • I spontaneously contract Bronchitis the night before the first day of a new quarter at school begins. So much for starting the new quarter on a good note.
  • My grades from 2nd quarter were atrocious. I don’t even understand why. I tried pretty damn hard.
  • Major snow storm the day before my math midterm, so that person who was supposed to help tutor me in math and save my sorry butt (and grade) was unable to get here.
  • Having to miss dance two weeks in a row because of storms and sickness, and now I will be behind forever and die a painful death, probably being beaten up by pointe shoes.
  • Lost my phone.
  • This sickness is so bad that I just tried to sit up in bed with the aid of many pillows and get some APUSH work done but I couldn’t breathe at all and had to give up.
  • All my friends schedules are getting so erratic and none of us are in the same place on any given weekend and I have nothing to look forward to for my Saturdays anymore.
  • Every single day I wear dresses/skirts it snows. Well, that’s not saying much because I wear dresses and skirts more often than pants and it snow every day here now. But seriously.
  • I’m going to be away all weekend while Kara is around. So I basically won’t see her until at least spring break, and that is far away.
  • My motivation for everything I do has been kidnapped by some evil villain.
  • I feel like I have lost all communication with the world outside my bedroom.
  • I’m hungry and yet my stupid bronchioles are so swollen I can’t eat or much less breathe.

So now I return to watching episodes of shows that I love and have seen way to many times.


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