movies and television, take me away from it all.

      Wow, I haven’t written in this thing in ages. Ages being, you know, a week. As previously mentioned, I am no longer sick, and this week I am on what they call “winter recess.” I think that’s code for “yeah we know we’ve been killing you with tons and tons of work so I guess we’ll give you a break, but you won’t actually have fun on said break because we’re just going to give you work over your break anyway.” Nice people, those AP teachers. It’s currently about halfway through said break and I haven’t even looked at my work yet. I will probably leave it all for the weekend, since tomorrow I’m going to visit Columbia and Saturday night I am going to a wrock concert at the Sidewalk Cafe. I’m so excited! I need an escape from the real world. I need to go to a concert and sing about love and books and wear the tee-shirts that nobody in my real life (except Haley) understands.

  When I go back to school I will not only be swamped with work but also my extra-curricular commitments, including but not limited to JUUstice LeagUUe stuff,  HPA stuff and school newspaper stuff. And that’s always fun. Also, when we get back, we’re having all these scary meetings with the guidance counselors about college and senior year. And that’s scary. 

   Right now I am waiting for Slumdog Millionare to load so I can finally watch it, and after that I think I will watch some Doctor Who. I haven’t watched Doctor Who in so many weeks! School has been getting worse and worse with the crazy level and TV has been falling down my list. Quite sad, because I do adore television. 

    And perhaps most excitingly, the OSCARS are on Sunday night. I love to watch all the nominated movies the week leading up to them and try and predict the winners for myself and then on Sunday night stay up late and watch them and adore all the pretty dresses. It makes me so happy for some bizarre reason.


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