we were brilliant

The following conversation was found in my email inbox, dated November 2005:

  “Ok I think I figured something out! What if voldemort made Harry a horcrux the night he murdered Lily and James? Thats why he didn’t die when he did avada kedavra. Because you have to comitt murder to turn something into a hurcrux i think or something like that. So he killed Harry but at the same exact time he gave him the 7th part of his soul. Does that make sense? I dont know……it has some flaws……..it was just an idea

        -Brenna ”


Haley replies, “Hmmmm, thats interesting, very clever Brenna. I realy would like to see Slitherin’s locket now to see if it had a crack in it as well. No wate Tom Riddles diary didn’t have a crack in it so i don’t thinks that is how you can tell. The crack in the stone must have been from Dombledore killing the Horcrux inside. Good thinking 



 We are clearly quite brilliant.


One response to “we were brilliant

  1. Awww man, your inbox fills me with such delightful reminiscence. I wish Anna’s Dorfpod forum was still up, I know we had some good long HP chats on that that I would like to see again.

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