no good very bad day

I’m pretty sure that line is from some childrens book, but I don’t remember which one, having read many of them in my youth. I really shouldn’t be writing this because I have so much work to do, but I can’t bear leaving my blog so lonely and blank. So here’s this update. Somehow, I don’t recall when or how, but somehow, third-quarter-end-of-winter-schlump has turned into YOU-ARE-TAKING-EXAMS-IN-FOUR-MONTHS! madness in every single class. This week I found myself printing out blank calendars for March through June and outlining what and when to study, when all my tests are, etc. Aside from AP’s, there are SAT’s, ACT’s, SAT II’s, and regents. Four AP’s, four regents, three SAT’s and one ACT partridge in a pearshootmenowpleasetree. 

    I am containing my excitement for when we’re done with this uber research project in English class and can go back to reading and analyzing literature. I know that Beowulf, Macbeth and Catcher are on the curriculum for the rest of the year, and despite having already read two of them, I couldn’t be more excited. & exit.


One response to “no good very bad day

  1. Just to fill in the blank the book is “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”

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