ABC…(not so) easy as 123

I just arrived home after taking the  SATs. They really aren’t awful at all. Well, the whole “write an essay, you have 25 minutes” thing is a little ridik. I was planning and outlining for seven minutes or so and that precious writing time left me without a very good conclusion. But what are you going to do?

Otherwise, I am lamenting my teetering As. We don’t have letter grades in my school, but everyone on earth knows that As are good. I have a few As…and I few 88s, but the letter grade (B+) sounds horrible. I want 90s. All 90s. I deserve all 90s. Time to buckle down. Even though I’m already a hermit, I don’t study enough. I spend less time eating and sleeping and more time studying. If I can pull all 90s for quarter 3, I’m going to allow myself a B&N shopping spree. 

     Now, I am off to Grandma’s house for corned beef and cabbage. Must find something GREEN to wear. Ta ta.


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