Favorite new phrase to repeat to myself over and over while at work? FML! 

    I’m home from school right now because I am a weak and emotionless human being who all at once can hate others and hate myself and hate the world. I’m working Mon-Wed-Fri the next two weeks after school which I don’t usually do, but I really need the money for LeakyCon and other things. Yesterday, I planned to do most of my homework as soon as I got home but they called a random school newspaper meeting which I had to go to (it ended up being pointless since only four people showed) which meant I got home not at 2:30, but at 3:15. I had to leave for work at 3:30, so all I could do was change and go. At work, I planned on getting some homework done (receptionist job=nothing to do.) But last night decided to be the busiest ever and they gave me loads of extra work to do. I don’t like working somewhere when Big Brother is watching me via secret cameras everywhere. 

    So, I got home from work at 8:30, did my Spanish project and then had to go on the HPA staff call from 9:15 until a little past 10, and then I tried to do my work, but couldn’t, and fell asleep at 11:30 over a half-written essay. 

  Naturally, I woke up in a frenzy, but I couldn’t finish the essay, so I just went back to bed hoping the world would dissolve. I hate missing school, but I really need to catch up with things. And I have dance tonight. 

    SIGH. No St. Patrick’s celebrating for me. I’ll be doing work all day and studying like a mad-woman for the AP Bio test that I MUST get a 95 or above on. I’m a hermit, with one purpose. Succeed!

      (Nanny thinks I am addicted to success. I say no, but this came about after I remarked that I am predisposed to be an addict due to my genetics. Alcoholics and addicts on all sides of the family!)

     I’m not even tired. I don’t feel tired. Or hungry. It’s like someone has switched  me off of “human” mode.


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