take me to NY, I’d like to see LA.

Writing an English narrative due tomorrow. Chose to write about Grandpa and black walnuts. I’m kind of sad now. I will plant one in my yard for my kids. Everyone should have a black walnut tree. 

  Also, after my JuNu excersion through the East Village yesterday, I decided I would much rather live downtown. SoHo, TriBeCa, East Village, whatever. I like it better. I actually spent some time writing out a budget for if I was going to college and wanted my own apartment, and I looked online for cheap apartements in the East Village. I would need a roommate, but it’s doable. (However, if it’s Columbia I’m going to, then it’s terribly impractical.) Sigh, it all depends. We’ll know more one year from now, when I will be chewing my nails off in collegeacceptanceletter anticipation. 

   Happy note: my bank account contains $1,004.

  Sad note: I’m only working per diem now. Like, probably once every two weeks. Need to find new job. Need moniez. 

                  Ta ta, darlings.


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