april showers

This is going to be a quick ramble because a) it’s BEDA (Blog Every Day (in) April) but I certainly don’t have the time, b) I have the ACT’s in the morning and c) it’s now officially APRIL!

    I feel like I do too much of this “oooh the seasons are changing” stuff on my blog, as if it doesn’t happen EVERY YEAR. But still, it is universally true that you always want it to be the season that it isn’t. As much as I’m wishing for summer, I’m also just happy that in a few weeks, I will be taking the dreaded AP exams. Finally, I can put an end-date on the madness. I will study for the next month until my brain explodes and my eyeballs fall out, and then in May and June I will be able to chill a bit, take my SAT IIs (and retake my SAT if need be) and ride out the end of junior year. 

   Today I had “the hardest AP bio test of the year” and it was on reproduction. Luckily, Mr. Birchman told us last minute that we could do it with a partner, so I hooked up with Riya aka numbertwoinourclassextroidanairre and I think we did really well, (although she was hyperventilating the whole time about the prospect of an 89.) Anyway, it was NOT THAT BAD. 

 Tomorrow are my ACTs and then over spring break I will study lots and read some books and do some shopping and trampolining with Aidan. And then back to hell.

   GAH, that was so boring. Whatever. My blog, my boring rambles. 

  ❤ from Brenna to the world and posterity as I return to my Bones-watching, Forever-21-website shopping, reading, and hot-tubbing.


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