PSAT score > SAT score

      So yeah, taking those again. I really just abhor standardized testing in general and I think it’s dumb, but colleges don’t. So I will take them again and I will get 700’s on CR and Writing (like I did on the PSATs) and I will get above 600 on Math (in which I just generally fail, even though I thought I did well…) And that’s all about that.

    It’s a bit weird being home for so long, and I am currently staying in my mothers room/parlor/sanctuary thing (I like to call it a parlor…don’t know why.) It actually has two of the best views in the house (aka the front of my house, the street, two streetlights and the house across the street, and the side of the house next to me.) But maybe it’s just because I am so used to being a City Girl with STUFF out my window and seeing TREES and only TREES for miles outside my window at Nanny&Poppy’s is something that is not quite me.  I am trying to study when I can, do a lot of reviewing, get in some driving practice and also just chill a bit, but I’m me and so chilling is not really much of an option. Hopefully we will go to the Met on Thursday before the Wrock concert and that will be YAY. 

    I have to go pick up my new glasses soon. They’re black and a bit more rectangular than my old ones. I was going to get Cat-Eye shaped glasses, but I figured the normal shape was more versatile. 

   Wow, boring rants. Oh well. OH! I also got new books the other day:

  • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  • And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie (Doctor Who episode about her made me very curious, plus she’s on my famous women authors mug.)
  • 101 Things You Didn’t Know About Jane Austen (Bargain-priced and muy interesante!)

     So, now I will do some more Biology, then I will drive some, pick up my glasses, maybe write? We’ll see.


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