So, like, imagine some girl who writes in her little unread blog, right? She writes, and no one comments, and she wonders if anyone reads it, and she looks at her site stats and finds that most of the few readers find her on the 37th page of google results for a small town kitten or whatever, that he blog is only attracting people obsessively interested in kittens living in small towns, and even though the lack of readership is terribly, oppresively depressing, she keeps blogging. This girl, she can make her voice hearable but cannot make it heard. This sweet, little girl — who has friends, who harbors crushes, who worries about homework, who knows that talking without being heard is sadder and more poignant than silence — heroically overfills survey memes with the minutiae of her life. And then I ride these details into the NutraSweet high of feelingreallyfeeling [as we subjects used to say] her life. And only because she continued shouting into the vacuum.”

         I don’t even know who wrote this. Some say a tragic and mentally unstable woman called YFN. Some say John Green. (Some say Hank Green.) Some say Tom. Some say Alex. (But we all know that it is not Tom.)


         [If you have no idea what I’m talking about, proceed to and prepare to have your life eaten.]


   In other news, I find holdinghandsdraggingyoursignificantotherbehindyou to be quite fascinating. And holding hands in general. It’s weird. I have been writing about it. That is all. 


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