I’m done with the incredibly stifling world of APs and my life is so radically different now. No more hours at my desk pushing through pounds of work with a little help from Doctor Who and too much tea. I basically have two classes now; math and spanish. I still have four regents to take but really… they need no attention to be paid to them. I am just waiting out the denouement of the school year. It really is time for me to read. Read, read, read. It’s gonna be a blast. It really is. 

   You really have no idea how painful AP tests are. They aren’t just about skill or knowledge…it’s mostly endurance. English was great this morning, (I was really happy about my essay, and before the test my teacher went around and gave us our own personal little pep talks,) but then I had Art History and (I’ve been sick,) and my ibuprofen hadn’t kicked in yet and it was just painful. I think I’m going to do badly on that and Bio which isn’t what I originally planned. It was just too painful…I just wanted it to be over with! 

   And now it is. FREEDOM!


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