the weapon we have is love.

I’m not going to write out WHY LeakyCon was so amazing, and I don’t want to write about my entire history with the HP fandom to convey WHY this past weekend was so REALLY REALLY AWESOME. 

 Here are just a few anecdotes that may help me explain it. 

   The fact that I regarded not a single person as “famous” the entire weekend. I talked to everyone regardless and I felt they did the same. 

  Hugs didn’t feel constricting or silly or painful. Especially Dinah hugs, ’cause Dinah gives really good hugs.

 I talked about real things, important things, with people so similar and so different from me. 

 WIZARD ROCK. Bacon-eating, guitar-smashing, eardrum-blasting wizard rock. 

 Letting the wrockers DJ the ball was the greatest choice ever made. 

 And I’m going to miss everyone so much.


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