opposites do not attract

      I hate that life seems to offer opposing philosophies on every subject and expects the young and naive to choose one. I’m sorry, society, if I don’t please you. I’ve got half the world screaming at me to try my absolute hardest, strive for success, and the other half calmly cooing at me to enjoy being young, to strive for happiness. Every philosophy, whether it relates to life or death or school or marriage or fashion or television, seem to push against each other like magnets. I suppose this is the part where they tell me to think for myself…but how am I to do that if my mind has already been conditioned to think the way it does?

      So I apologize, society, family, friends, if I work too hard but not hard enough, if I am too old but not old enough, too overdressed but not dressed-up enough, too philosophical but not philosophical enough, smarter than the masses but not a genius, too poor to do things but too rich to get that scholarship. Everyone is “er” than me. So I’m sorry if decision-making is a little tough for me right now. 

     LeakyCon was a dream and I want to go back to sleep.


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