Who is Michelle Obama?

Michelle Obama is a lawyer, went to Harvard, is married to Barack Obama, has two daughters and a very progressive sense of style. And that is all I know about her.

This pisses me off.

I haven’t seen or read a single article or video or news report about Michelle Obama that didn’t focus on either her fashion sense or her role as a wife or mother. And that bothers me, because in the past, first ladies have had enormous impact on human rights issues as well as the involvement of women in politics. While I think it’s admirable that the Obama’s are trying to remain as normal as possible for their children, I am SURE that Michelle has done interestings and important things for America. But the media will not tell me what she does, or what she supports, or what she stands for besides high-waisted dresses. Even a google search wields minimal results in relation to Michelle’s politcial involvement.

I like her fashion as much as  the next person, and I find her to be an excellent role model for young women, especially African-American young women. But how are we to admire her if we have nothing to go on but what labels she wears and who does her hair?


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