I did STUFF today!

I am feeling sort of uninspired in the field of blog-writing, and writing in general. Despite this, I had a very productive day! I hope that the rest of my summer pans out just as I have been dreaming it will…

Boring chronological recap:

  • woke up, showered and threw on clothing of no purpose other than to not be naked.
  • went downstairs and cleaned kitchen (which became unclean within an hour…oh well)
  • grabbed book (To Be Real, a feminist anthology) and attempted to have cereal, but there was no milk.
  • ate and read for a while
  • cleaned Dining Room with Aidan
  • went upstairs to find buzzing phone and overflowing inbox
  • made several business-type phone calls to places that want to employ me
  • did some more research about colleges, transfers and my possible majors
  • talked to Andrew and found out some HPA stuff I could do
  • spent some productive time organizing WWDD blogs
  • finished this, went back downstairs and made SALAD with apples and berries and cheese crumbles and nuts, only to find CHUNKY balsamic vinegar. I didn’t even know that stuff could go bad….
  • Ate the salad anyway (with the chunky balsamic) and read some more, finishing book.
  • jumped on trampoline with Aidan and Carlo
  • started new book (Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason) while stroking kitten
  • ate dinner and then helped Aidan make brownies
  • found out some more HPA work I should be doing BUT for now I will watch interesting Science Channel stuff and eat brownies
  • AND then I will watch Doctor Who.

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