sorrythisisboring, atleastitssummerhappyrant instead of winterdepressionrant

I don’t have much to say; summer has begun and I am attempting to read and write a whole bunch. I’ve seen about a movie a day for the past week; some good, like Away We Go and some really LONG, like Transformers. All fun to see though. Year One was funny if a bit crude.

Today I did some productive things such as organize info I will need for college transfering and such. There isn’t much I can do now but research but it makes me feel better. I also am trying to cook myself stuff which is pretty dangerous, if you know my cooking fiascos.

I have finished reading PIRATES! and I am now beginning another anthology about feminism.

Summer is here, but it doesn’t really feel like it. Hopefully I will be working soon to save up some money that I need quite desperately.

I’m just glad junior year is OVER.


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