Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The beginning was just amazing; a perfect transition into a new movie while reminding you of the fact that the incident at the Ministry had JUST happened.  And the caring way that Dumbledore puts his arm around Harry…perfect.

I still love the fact that there is a “MAGIC” perfume ad that Dumbledore is looking at.

The Burrow seemed REAL. I loved it, and I want to live in it. The first scene where Harry arrives at the Burrow is just perfect. SPEARMINT TOOTHPASTE. And the scene in Ron’s room….really really seems like a bunch of sixteen year olds. Perfect.

The best thing about this movie is how REAL everything feels. The actors were completely in their roles, and the characterization was not static; you could see the humility and vulnerability of Hermione, and HARRY was just so perfect. All of the acting has improved enourmously, especially Dan and Emma, who I’ve always liked but often would overact in earlier films. And as always, Rupert was RONALD WEASLEY.

Tom Felton as Draco was fantastic as well, you could really feel his struggles and empathize with him.

ALL of the Ron and Hermione scenes were perfect. As Andrew Slack said, they took all subtlety out of the HBP romance in the book for the movie.

The Tom Riddles were really really creepy. But even though this film was super dark, it was perfectly balanced with the everyday teenaged stuff. It was great, and it felt so real to me because the Trio is 16 in this one, mirroring my age, and it made me feel like I was part of the movie.

AHHH I need to see it again it was all so perfect.


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