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It’s been quite a 48 hours. Leaving, returning and more leaving. Things have been clearing up for me, with help from subtle symbolism which I take as the world hinting at me to think about things. I am returning to this blog because I’ve found too much to write about to NOT write about it.

For starters, I flew home from Oregon on Thursday night. The return from me first real travel trip, which I took alone. I did so much in Oregon, and came back with many memories and a longing for my dear Uncle to live closer than 2,000 miles away, but most of all, I came back with quite a wanderlust! I want to travel more, and I’m already searching for tickets to Europe fr next summer. Which brings me to my next point of business:

It’s college leaving time. Even though I’m kind of going to college, I’m still technically a dependent minor, a senior in high school. But being so close to the college transition age, I know many people who are heading off to college in the next week. Today was my last day with my Kara before she leaves, tomorrow morning, for college. It’s not even that far away, but the idea of her leaving, the whole day was bittersweet. We wanted Indian food but found that the world was working against us in every possible way to get it, so we ended up at Panera, eating bread with bread and a side of soup.  Some delicious green apple Jones soda was also involved. The whole day was unusually giggly. My friends, especially Kara and Haley and I, are like stand up comics when we’re together. And while all of our giggles were natural, I couldn’t help but feel like we were trying to enjoy in all the laughter we had together while we were still together. The dissolve of our summer posse was approaching, with Nava and Jamie already left for school, we were the lone straglers.

After Panera and a brief collection of stuff at Kara’s house, we headed to Beacon to visit Eric and Cath and Owen, which is always fun, but again, bittersweet. I felt like I was saying goodbye to two people, when only one was actually leaving in the near future. The universe sent us a pick-me-up; a giggle fest trip to the grocery store. The trip was specifically to buy Italian bread, but we got everything but. We got the milk we were supposed to, and then spent far too long in the ice cream aisle. We decided on three flavors; green tea, chocolate and PANDA PAWS. You can imagine how delicious these all were. We finally found the Italian bread after walking past it three times, and returned back for more eating and socializing.

Back at Kara’s, we were supposed to have a last shabang, but I knew it would be everything but. Everyone was panicked with last minute packing (everyone, that is, except Adam, who happily played video games and muttered one-syllable responses to all our questions,) and we had a mild crisis involving Ducky, Kara’s beloved duck. She sort of freaked out when we couldn’t find him, and couldn’t bear the thought of facing college without Ducky! We found him, of course, but not before the crisis had emotionally strained the poor little college-goer. She said, “All my fears about college have now been put into this duck.” And we searched among the teenager-ish remains of this 18 year olds room for the beloved childhood duck. It was somehow the last thing from childhood that she tried to hold on to.

And now I am home, watching Gilmore Girls. What else is knew? I may have a problem.


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