“Dead Souls and a really big globe.”

As my second week of “college” is finishing up, I have come to a verdict: I love it!

Beyond my brilliant classes, waking up at a normal hour (as in 8 am, not 5!) helps to keep my sleep schedule normal. Unlike high school, nobody is dozing off in college classes! Also, getting home relatively early is great, because I always have a good amount of my day left to work on school work, extra-curricular stuff, and etc.

Anthropology, Government and Politics, and Russian Lit are all fantastic, and certainly my favorite courses. I’m also taking a gym/health class for my High School requirments, and a Freshman Seminar thing which is pretty average. RUSSIAN LITERATURE makes my brain on fire. Everyday it is like some miraculous discussion where my mind gets sucked out and replaced with a hungry, hungry sponge. And my teacher has these perfect googly-eyed Professor glasses…you almost have to laugh at the perfection! I’m enjoying Dead Souls, and can’t wait to get started on my POSHLOST paper!

The work is perfect…it’s like all the best parts of learning, without the busy work and silly hand-in things, tweaked just to my level of intelligence. I can’t wait to go to college for real next year!

I should really stop putting Wellesley paraphenalia on my notebooks and walls. I keep imagining myself there next year. I keep saying  in my head, “Next year, when I’m at Wellesley…” What if I don’t get in? What if by some miracle I get into Harvard or something and have to choose? I don’t know what I would do. And no matter how qualified my family thinks I am, there is no guarantee of my admission there. SIGH.

P.S. Been watching too much Gilmore Girls as usual. I’m just starting the 3rd season in my complete series re-watch (for the 3rd time.) It’s one of those things that makes you want to do work though. Like a visual motivater.

Number of pages of Russian Literature read this year: 164


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