twisted Sainthood…

The dreams of twisted and mutilated Saints have returned to my nightly adventures. It sounds freaky, philosophical and religious, but it’s really just my brain freaking out about my skeletal alignment. Somehow my spine and pelvis have twisted around again and my legs are different lengths and that makes my hips hurt and puts stones along my back and coaxes my scapula to reattach from the rest of me. I’m sixteen for goodness’ sake! I hate to think of how hunch-backed, achy and creaky I will be in 70 or 80 years…

I have officially filled up every shelf space for books in my room. I have three full bookcases, one bookcase with a shelf removed so I can stuff them all into the stacks, two other wall shelves filled, and a few piles overflowing onto other non-book areas of the room. HOW WILL I BE ABLE TO TAKE THEM ALL TO COLLEGE WITH ME?!


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