Happy Birthday Fred & George Weasley!

Oh yeah, I basically didn’t get into college. I applied to 9 schools and I was waitlisted at 3, rejected at 5, and got accepted to my backup. So I am probably going to Oregon. That’s kind of scary. I’m getting really scared of everything. But for now I really just need to focus on making the end of my semester great.

Here’s a fun and random Facebook conversation.


You’re very wise sometimes.


maybe I’m just good at seeming wise.

I haven’t decided yet.

but what’s the difference?

Maybe wisdom is just like most country songs.

You throw in enough cliches hillbilly imagery and good old fashioned heartbreak experienced by a good natured but ultimately uninteresting guy and it just seems to work.

people eat it up.

here watch

tractor, beer, fence, barn, love, field, the term daddy, and a beat up old car.


a country song distilled.

the same can be done with most music I should think.

or lyrics at any rate

music is really just auditory math.

I wish I had the capability to distill it into numbers for you.


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