quick update and back to the Anna Karenina!

This is how people lose their minds.

They delude themselves into thinking that everything’s under control; I’m getting food and exercise and doing all of my reading and some pleasure reading on top of that and seeing my friends. Yup, life is just fine.

Then, BOOM! Your life turns into a rejected Lifetime movie script (“Too dramatic to be real,” the producer says,) and run around like a zombie crying and hugging your time turner/Gryffindor scarf/wand for comfort as you dash from class to class and library to dance to home. You eat nothing but tea and poptarts because getting real food takes too long. Your back and neck ache from lugging around your computer and your school bag everyday and hunching over the computer all night.

I guess I really need this Breaking out of the Muggle Mindset thing.


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