poor little neglected blog.

Five months it’s been. Sometimes (even though it is SUCH a cliche,) it is extraordinary to see how much things have changed. Absolutely extraordinary. I’m a college sophomore. I’m living in a completely new home. (Same city, at least, and I am remarkably finding more things to love about it each day.) I have crossed at least two important teenage milestones off my list (probably far more). I have lost nearly all of my best friends in a variety of ways and am spending a dangerous amount of time with myself. I’m working four part-time jobs and taking six courses and tutoring people in politics (whaaat?). It’s even remarkable how the curtain of humidity has finally yielded, leaving New York with this threateningly crisp fall air that makes me wonder how anyone could go out without a sweater on their backs!

This has been a catch-up blog. I’ve got to get back to learning about cogent and fallacious reasoning, Cro-Magnon man, Philip K. Dick’s trippy novels, supply and demand curves, and exponential functions. Yes. Fun.


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